Ambient Temperature Mapping


Do you need to validate an insulated shipping system for your temperature sensitive goods? One of the big questions that needs to be answered is what ambient temperatures should I test our shipments against? You may need to perform a temperature mapping profile for your shipments. Many off the shelf validated shippers are tested against the ISTA industry standard, however, this temperature profile may not be best suited for your shipping lanes.


Cedarlane will work with your team through ambient temperature profile selection, analysis, comparison and development. Ambient temperature profiles are a critical design constraint when developing and qualifying insulated shipping systems. These profiles should adequately capture the expected summer and winter extreme conditions specific to your own distribution channels. There is no regulatory accepted standard. It’s up to you to prove the ambient temperature profile selected or developed is adequate for your distribution channels

Profile Selection

Selecting the best existing ambient temperature profile requires specific knowledge of distribution methods and distribution lanes. Intermodal distribution in a growing global economy, particularly to emerging markets, complicates this decision. Our logistical experience can help evaluate these intermodal distribution lanes and corresponding ambient temperature profiles.

Profile Analysis

One of the most difficult tasks is comparing the various profiles currently used in pre-qualified and qualified packaging. Some profiles may appear difficult but in fact be weak and inadequate upon proper scientific evaluation. We have developed leading proprietary analysis tools to take the guess work out of profile selection. These tools eliminate the “smoke and mirrors” that often exists and provides you with proper comparative data enabling informed decision making.

Profile Development

To maximize the convergence of packaging cost and product protection many companies have turned to Cold Chain Technologies to develop custom ambient temperature profiles specific to their product distribution. We are uniquely capable of solving this problem and have a keen understanding of this decisions impact to the size, weight, and cost of your packaging materials.

Contact us today to understand how we can answer your ambient temperature profile related questions. We’ll provide you with the information to defend ambient temperature profile selection to regulatory bodies and maximize costs savings while ensuring product integrity through your distribution channels.